Creating a top operating company.

In 1992, John Walker, along with Jones family, founded EnerVest as a buyer of conventional North American oil and gas properties. Our strategy? Buy, enhance and sell proven onshore production. Use our operational expertise to dominate key basins, optimize efficiencies and profits. Finally, hedge strategically to mitigate risk.

In January 2012, EnerVest restructured its businesses, creating EnerVest Institutional, G.P. to serve as Co-General Partner of future Funds, and combined its separate operating divisions into EnerVest Operating, L.L.C.

We’ve learned a lot in our 27-year history. Today, we’re one of the top 25 largest independent oil and gas companies in the country.

Imagine a place where everyone wins.

At EnerVest, we also believe in bringing out the best in our communities. Fair and ethical business practices, mutually beneficial transactions, respect for royalty owners and an unwavering commitment to health, safety and the environment are all extensions of that belief.

And that belief doesn’t end with the workday. From the top of our organization down, we participate in a variety of community-improvement programs. Activities like fundraisers, bayou cleanups, and supporting local food banks are but a few.

It’s a gratifying experience. We recommend it highly.

Never leave success to the whims of market forces.

We’re extremely particular in our acquisitions. We’d rather lose a bid than buy foolishly. After years of perfecting a successful strategy, we can afford to be selective.

We acquire onshore properties with proven reserves, enhance and build up those assets, then sell prudently within the life of a fund. We have established dominant positions in key basins, and we mitigate market volatility through an innovative hedging strategy.

Sharpened by experience. Tempered by respect.

Whether we’re dealing with investors, service vendors or each other, we believe in mutual respect. Which could explain why our senior-management team has worked together so well for so long - a rare trait in this industry.

This level of teamwork, combined with our experience and reputation, translates to a disarmingly competitive edge. We make things happen, swiftly and judiciously.

Executive Management


Nicholas Bobrowski



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Phil DeLozier
Business Development

Corporate Officers



EnerVest Operating, L.L.C.

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Alex Zazzi
President, CEO
Jim McKinney
Jim McKinney

Kevin Leonard
Austin Chalk
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Levi Maurer
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Kevin Miller


Appalachia South

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Nicholas Reinert


Eagle Ford

Minding our roots as we grow and prosper.

EnerVest is a top oil and gas company, with 27,000 wells across 10 states, 6.5 million acres under lease and ~$2.8 billion in assets under management.

We have more than 900 employees, including a highly seasoned senior management team, most of whom have been instrumental in the company’s success from the beginning.

As EnerVest continues to grow, we work to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit that has helped us earn our reputation as a solid energy company of exceptional talent, a consistently top-rated place to work.